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Merwinsville Hotel Restoration, Inc.


How would you like to get involved?

Volunteers needed to assist in our grant writing efforts. 

Each funder has different fields of interest, different reasons for giving and different requirements for giving. Furthermore, each foundation has a different culture; a different way of looking at things. The trick to writing a good grant is strategizing how to approach the funder in a way that will ensure we speak to what's important to them so that we have the best chance of receiving funding. Not only is it important to fulfill all of their grant application requirements, it is important to position the grant request and plead our case in the most favorable way. In order to ensure that we hit the mark, the grant team will meet and discuss each potential funder and strategize an approach for each one before we get started writing.

If you have some free time and would like to get involved in the Hotel, please reach out to Vince Chiodo.



Our goal is to make more people aware of the hotel as a cultural, social and educational center for the community. The best way of doing that is by encouraging them to become a contributing member. If you would like to assist in membership drives, contact Jennifer Haase. 


Fund Raising:
Our short and long term goals all require money. Whether it's painting the interior or exterior of the Hotel, putting in a bathroom and kitchen or rebuilding the grand ballroom, it all requires money.  A lot of it.  If you have any experience in fund raising and would like to get involved, contact Jeremy Ruman.


One of the best things that the Hotel can give back to the community is access to the Merwinsville Hotel.  If we can provide the unique backdrop for your event, we would be happy to discuss our rates for renting the Hotel. We also offer a wide range of events from our annual wine tasting, free movies on the lawn, arts and fine crafts show, and much more throughout the year to help with fund raising as well as to increase the awareness of the Hotel.  If you have any suggestions for a future event, please let us know. We welcome new ideas!

Maintaining the interior and exterior of the Hotel could be a full time job.  If you have any experience in this area and would like to roll up your sleeves and help out, check out the
Calendar for scheduled Hotel work days or talk to Steve Dull about current and future projects.


It's all about branding and we have a great brand to promote.  It's historic; it's tied to the railroad; it's architectural and it's non-profit 501c(3) on the historic registry. If you have experience with web design,  newsletters or flyers, contact Jeremy Ruman.



We have a museum on the second floor of the Hotel filled with memorabilia.  We always want more and we always need a better way of displaying and securing what we have.  If you would like to assist, contact Jeremy Ruman.

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A historic railroad hotel in Gaylordsville, Connecticut