Hello Friends!

We're hoping you and your loved ones are doing well. After a great deal of soul-searching and discussion, the Board of Directors has come to the difficult decision to postpone all of our events for 2020. Under the current circumstances, we feel that we should put this year on "pause".
But, that doesn't mean we don't have plans...
Since we're holding off on events, we thought we'd get some long-overdue updates done inside our historic building, specifically some painting of our second floor museum and continued work on our third-floor ballroom. So, although this year we're taking a break from visitors, it's going to be really exciting to see what we've accomplished when we reopen to the public in 2021.
And, speaking of 2021, we're going to be celebrating a big milestone - our 50th anniversary! That's right, our restoration, which came into being in 1971, is going to be 50! So, stay tuned! We're planning to have some great events to welcome everyone back.
We wish you all the best, and here's to a wonderful 2021!


The Merwinsville Hotel Restoration

About The Merwinsville Hotel Restoration

The Merwinsville Hotel Restoration, located along the Housatonic Railroad in Gaylordsville, Connecticut, was a meal and rest stop which opened for business in 1843.
The Merwinsville Hotel Restoration is a non-profit, living museum that continues the ongoing care, restoration and preservation of the Hotel to educate, inspire, challenge, and invigorate both present and future generations, and to raise awareness within the local community of the Hotel's contribution to the collective local history by promoting cultural events.

As you enter the Hotel today, you get a sense of what it was like over 170 years ago as passengers stepped off the railroad on their way from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to summer homes in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
We operate the Hotel through 100% volunteer participation and no paid staff. Our annual budget is derived from donations, member fees and our annual fundraisers. We always welcome new members and volunteers at our events.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Hotel or would like to get involved with Hotel activities, please explore our site, and feel free to contact any of our board members. They would love to hear from you.

Board of Directors

Jeremy Ruman, President
Jennifer Haase, Vice President & Treasurer
Marje Somuk, Secretary
Terry Butler
Victoria Carter
Ilene Deutsch
Steve Dull, Building Manager
Merialis Lewis
Linda McMillan
Lori Meehan
Jerry Nahley, Emeritus
Barbara Thorland, Curator
Lynn Mellis Worthington

In the News

We've been fortunate enough to get some terrific press recently! Check us out in these articles:

How can you help the Merwinsville Hotel Restoration?Read this great story about the installation of a new kitchen garden thanks to a cooperative effort with the UConn Extension Master Gardener Program in the Republican-American (registration required).

How can you help the Merwinsville Hotel Restoration?Here's a wonderful piece from Rural Intelligence

Past Presidents

We are indebted to our past presidents who have served:
George Haase, 10/1/71 – 11/10/77
Bob Stirling, 11/10/77 – 10/12/81
George Haase, 10/12/81 – 9/8/83
Aaron Seltzer, 9/8/83 – 5/29/87
Rosemary Nahley, 5/29/87 – 9/12/95
Betsy LaFond, 9/12/95 – 9/17/99
Kay Steitzel, 9/17/99 – 5/17/02
Jerry Nahley, 5/17/02 – 9/15/06
Jeff Edelstein, 9/15/06 –
Jeremy Ruman current