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The progress of Merwinsville Hotel Restoration

Our renovation continues, as we bring back this gem from the 19th century. Your help is invaluable as we continue our work.
We are a non-profit, and like all such organizations, we rely on your support to keep ourselves going. Please consider making a donation to the Merwinsville Hotel Organization this year; we are a 501(c)(3), so you can use the deduction on your taxes (and we can use it to keep the doors open)!

Most recent work

In 2019, volunteers painted the waiting room to lighten the space and enhance it for the many events held at the Hotel each year.

Ballroom improvements

In 2017, work was completed that stabilizes the structure on the eastern “roadside” section of the third-floor ballroom. The work prevents the building from “spreading,” so there’s no further deterioration of the structure.
The next step is to remove the plaster and lath on the western “trackside” section of the e ballroom to continue the stabilization of the remaining section of the third-floor.


All of the recent work to date has been the result of a plan created with architect Duke Moore and structural engineer Robert Murry. Working with the design professionals has been Mason Lord of Hudson Valley Preservation, who has graciously volunteered HVP's services over the ongoing renovation process.
The work actually began in the basement, where steel support posts were installed to shore up the building’s structure. A long-range plan was adopted by the Board of Directors in January 2008 that included restoration of the ballroom on the third floor. The Hotel received a $4,000 grant from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation that funded the architectural plans. A second grant from the Trust helped pay for the structural engineering plans from Robert Murry. A matching grant that raised a total of $8000 also helped fund this portion of the restoration.
The initial scope of work included: basement foundation, kitchenette, 1st floor bathroom, exterior stairwell from basement to ballroom, ballroom and all the associated electric and plumbing required.
With the ongoing work to the third-floor ballroom, visits to this area of the building may require supervised tours.

Our renovation
Our renovation
Our renovation
Our renovation
Our renovation

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Hotel or would like to get involved with Hotel activities, please explore our site, and feel free to contact any of our committee members. They would love to hear from you.